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  1. Consider yourself warned, this is the place where fringe porn gets really twisted and violent. It might even mess with your head if you have never seen anything like this before. For all the deeply disturbed people who are ready to accept their nature – you are welcome! You will enjoy your stay, we made sure of it.
  2. Disturbed have released an official video for “Hold on to Memories,” the band’s latest single from Evolution. The song is about not only honoring those we’ve lost, but also making the most of our time with those we still have.
  3. Sep 03,  · The files referenced a patient, Miles Slander, who had been in the asylum’s care on the year of its closing. According to the file, Miles suffered from acute schizophrenia and was often lost in delusions of his own creation. His primary caretaker also had a reference in the file, including a picture and this is what had shocked Gavin/10(7).
  4. A genuinely good character will, however, treat the mentally disturbed with kindness and will nicely ask whether they went off their meds and that's why they're acting up again. This prejudice contributes to the mentally disturbed being Acceptable Targets for the most merciless cruel humor and.
  5. Jun 02,  · Disturbed and Perturbed. Alone time with the dark thoughts is not good right now but I put her needs ahead of my own. politics is not my usual rant but when the old boys’ club mentality comes into play Yeah, I have a problem with Mr. Trump’s personality type just as I am sure he would have a problem with mine. Different generations.
  6. there are many disturbing sites on dark web and i will break them as levels based on the amount of gruesome and horrific things present in them and give you a brief also i will be not mentioning the names of those websites PROCEED WITH CAUTION Lev.

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